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Hawk And The Dove

Director Robbie Moffat

Writer Robbie Moffat


Jon-Paul Gates, Joanna-Kate Rodgers and Joe Hennes


Harry Gillespie, book keeper for gangsters, skims money from each of his clients and escapes to a remote Scottish fishing village with Ebony, an Edinburgh tart he has befriended. Through Harry, Ebony soon discovers it is only a matter of time before Harry is tracked down and heavies are sent to get him. She tries to convince him that they should run away to Cuba, but Harry is reluctant to leave the country. Day by Day Harry's past catches up with him. Bingo, a Glaswegian racketeer, arrives and tortures Harry until he agrees to return the money. In a rowing boat fight, Harry and Ebony drown Bingo and bury him in the dunes. It is only a matter of time before Harry is found and dealt with, But Harry and Ebony surprise themselves when they make sure that none of their pursuers return to the mainland.

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