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Creating Cinematic Landscapes

Palm Tree, a British company, formed in 1980, diversified into feature films in 1995. The company now has an established track record in independent film-making having completed thirty films.

Palm Tree Universal is a subsidiary of Palm Tree Worldwide.

PALM TREE OPEN SOURCE WELCOME TO OPEN SOURCE Hi. I’m Robbie Moffat. I’m based at Palm Tree’s office in London.  I look after Palm Tree’s open source content Please feel free  to direct all  you open source  comments to me  at

The Open Source development at our company has come about as we have many ideas that we feel we do not have the time or capacity to do justice to. Hence our desire for collaboration in all its forms - development, production, distribution.

The making of films can sometimes be a complex and lengthy process. It is often made more difficult when we don’t realise the full potential of the material we have at hand. As a small company we do not have the research and development resources to compete with the majors. It is in our interest, and the interest of our peers to find a way to improve our R and D processes.

We hope that this open source creates renewed focus on our core business - the telling of great stories, and the making of great films.

Palm Tree Open Source Access

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