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Creating Cinematic Landscapes

Palm Tree, a British company, formed in 1980, diversified into feature films in 1995. The company now has an established track record in independent film-making having completed thirty films.

Palm Tree Universal is a subsidiary of Palm Tree Worldwide.


Conventional wisdom says that you should control and protect proprietary resources and innovations - especially intellectual property. Many industries still think this way.

Today a new economics of intellectual property is prevailing. Companies cannot collaborate effectively if all of their IP is hidden. At Palm Tree we are opening up our IP portfolio to participation. We are inviting companies and individuals to access our intellectual property  as we are looking for innovation and global collaboration.


“We must collaborate or perish - across borders, cultures, disciplines ... With masses of people at one time.”

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Sharing and working on ideas makes it easier to build a business by integrating the best ideas from various geographies. If companies can go global, so can individuals. We are looking for like minded people to take our ideas and improve them, tell us how we can make them better - participate with us in the process of creating - through openness, peering, sharing and acting on a global basis.

We are offering access to our screenplay and book titles that we hold the copyright. We are looking for you to copy them, read them, find ways of improving them, make them into movies. We want you to collaborate with us as we have a resource that has not been tapped. We want you to tell us, suggest, make a contribution, help us find a way of making movies.

Tapscott and Williams How to Participate

STEP ONE - Fill in the simple form on the right

STEP TWO - You will get an automatic link to the Open Source page that will open in your browser.

STEP THREE - Select a project or project that you may wish to collaborate on.

STEP FOUR - Get back to us with your ideas for collaboration or peer sharing.

Palm Tree Open Source Access

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Communicating with a worldwide audience has never been easy. With peer sharing it becomes possible to use collective experience and knowledge to make things happen.  

Thank you for sharing.