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Creating Cinematic Landscapes

Palm Tree, a British company, formed in 1980, diversified into feature films in 1995. The company now has an established track record in independent film-making having completed thirty films.

Palm Tree Universal is a subsidiary of Palm Tree Worldwide.


Over the many years since Palm Tree was founded in 1980, the company has had its ups and downs but it has survived. The core strength of the company lies in its ability to find good stories. Most of these stories are uniquely British. And why not. Britain has a rich and comparatively uninterrupted cultural identity stretching back 6000 years. It seems a pity not to make use of that. Hence Palm Tree’s output has dug as much into the past as it has into the present from the warrior trilogy in Celtic Britain to a female stand-up comedian in Yorkshire, the company has taken a broad interest in the cultural span that makes us British. Now, we feel that we want to share our experience with others, offer our stories for others to interpret.

Palm Tree Open Source is an opportunity for us to work with others. We want to find new  collaborators - actors, directors, producers, distributors, financiers - in fact anyone who is interested in the stories we want to tell. We also want our collaborators to bring their experience and ideas to us so we can work together on making better films, to get our films seen by a wider audience, to have an  impact on day to day cultural life.

How do we do that? That is what we want to find out. The principal is simple - we make available what we have in an open way - and in return we hope that this openness will unlock doors, or at least help us to jump over some of the hurdles that seem to be in the way. These hurdles are not huge, they are just brick walls that we don’t know how to climb over. We need passionate and knowledgeable people to show us how to go round these obstacles, or remove them completely.

At Palm Tree we have a wealth of talent. However, to get the best from it, we need others to show us or suggest to us the way forward.

We hope you can find something in the Open Source that might inspire you to inspire us, and that you have the confidence to contact us with your proposals or suggestions.

The world is not our foe, time is. Time marches on. There are so many stories waiting to be told, and our enemy is time.

We look forward to your collaboration.

Palm Tree has reinstated its own online VOD site in the summer of 2016

Road movie OH MY GOD commences shooting at the end of August 2016.

The Palm Tree Bookstore will be opening again soon after a refurbish. The company’s published titles will still be available on Amazon

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